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The Yoga Dojo Richmond VA

  • The Yoga Dojo 1219 Highpoint Ave Richmond VA 23230 (map)

*Friday, September 6, 5:30-7:30pm, The Embodied Heart, a master class

Take a few moments to place your hands over your tender heart. Can you feel its precious song? This is, quite literally, the visceral participation with who you are. It is the very first place that feels the rush of excitement and the sorrow of separation and it is time to reconnect and listen to its inherit wisdom. Join me for a workshop utilizing chanting, breath work, asana and Meditation to return back to the intelligence of our hearts.

Regular class rates apply. Sign up on our class schedule HERE.

*Saturday, September 7, 12-5pm, MetaAnatomy of the Psoas

The most powerful, transformative workshop you'll take this year!! Ok, maybe that's a bit of an oversell but this is one wildly connected muscle! From Chinese medicine to Ayurveda, Biomechanics to Yoga Therapy this powerhouse of a muscle is the seat of much promise and poetry. Known as the tenderloin (filet mignon if you're fancy) amongst the butcher-set it literally forms the connection between our front and back and our top and bottom. In this workshop we will explore it's beauty and troublemaking potential and through practical techniques learn how to free the hidden power that's held within.

*Sunday, September 8, 12-3pm, How to get Un-Stuck- An Exploration of the Diaphragms and Granthis

Whether it’s a tight knotted muscle or a feeling of emotional blockage in our lives we know what it feels like to be stuck. While we like to talk about the physical and energetic bodies as if they are two separate entities they are actually deeply interwoven, interconnected and interdependent. If one of the four - yes there are 4!- muscle-y breathing diaphragms are stuck there is a great chance energetically you are preventing the free flow of prana that your body richly deserves. In this practice we will first discuss the four major diaphragms and where they are in the body; then we will move on to a practice that combines asana, pranayama and meditation practice to help free the knots that bind.

Sign up for both workshops HERE. Cost is $100 for Saturday, $60 for Sunday, or $150 for both workshops.

Earlier Event: September 3
Later Event: October 4
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