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Three Queens Yoga Philadelphia PA

  • Three Queens Yoga 410 Monroe Street Philadelphia PA 19147 USA (map)

Body Poetry

Just like we can feel areas of great spaciousness or congestion in our lower backs we can experience that sensation in our own hearts. Just as we know ourselves to have standing patterns of tone and compensation, habits and patterns in our physical bodies we experience the same conceptually in our mental and emotional forms. Some of our patterns support us, some are coping mechanisms, and some we find don’t work for us anymore or even bring about suffering. Through exploration of our body maps and our own subtle forms we can bring about real, lasting, profound change to both our internal and external landscapes. 
Let’s begin and dive inward using these poetic, subtle and experiential GPS maps to navigate the complexity and totality of who we are and who we can be.

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Later Event: March 11
MetaAnatomy Energy Body