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MetaAnatomy Spinal Reset and Hacking the NS The Yoga Dojo Richmond VA

  • The Yoga Dojp 1219 Highpoint Avenue Richmond, VA, 23230 United States (map)

August 17  5:45-7:15pm

"Master Class"   

August 18   12-5pm

Spinal Reset

The number one reason people come to Yoga (Āsana) is to relieve back pain. While Āsana can be very therapeutic for our spines it unfortunately can also be aggravating. Housing both the superhighway of nerves as well the energetic body’s Sushumna Nadi, balancing the graceful architecture of the vertebral column has wide ranging structural and spiritual benefits.

Join us as we examine technologies that I have found to be immediately beneficial to my own body and numerous students over the years. Come empower yourself and your students to stop pulling ourselves apart and start reuniting our body, heart and mind.

*Review major muscles and joint structures of the spine

*Develop X-ray vision! Using hands on techniques discover what is bony compression (that ain't moving) or muscular tension (eventually might be moveable)

*Discover why no two students will ever experience the same yoga posture in the same way

*View real human bone specimens to gain a deeper awareness of our inner architecture

*Refine your language and verbal cues to be a more thoughtful, accessible and skillful teacher

*Expand your view of the form by learning the energetic correlations of each structure

*Enjoy a full asana, pranayama and meditation practice that weaves together what you've learned

August 19   12-3pm

Hacking the Nervous System

We have all experienced stress. Whether it is a feeling of being overworked at your job or the pressure cooker of a tumultuous relationship with a family member or partner... We know stress. Or do we?

Stress actually has a physiological response in your body. When this stress response is turned on through chemical stimulation, we can turn into superheroes with super human strength and reflexes to fight or flee from a dangerous situation. The problem is that we learn to nudge and annoy this system even when there is no immediate threat to be found. This literally wears down the tissues of the body.

Through lecture and practice, we’ll talk about the chemical response of stress and why it might not be a good idea to marinate in them. From there, we’ll learn how to turn off the stress response and turn on the relaxation response- where all of the body and minds housekeeping activities can be performed....ahhhhhh  

*Review the fantastic organization of the Nervous System

*Befriend your Sympathetic Nervous System (it's not the devil it's made out to be)

*Learn about the latest fascinating research about what is actually going on in the brain during meditation!

*Learn ancient Yogic technologies to hack the nervous system

*View and work with the poetic energetic correlations to the Nervous System 

*Using the practice of Yoga Nidra explore the connection between the yoga concepts of Samskaras and Neuroplasticity.

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