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MetaAnatomy in Jacksonville FL

  • 2301 Park Avenue Orange Park, Florida 32073 USA (map)

MetaAnatomy Core

Let’s get to the core of the body’s support! In this lecture and master class we will dive deep into the underutilized and often misunderstood center of the body’s strength and stability. Reconnecting to our core has a wide range of physical as well as energetic benefits. It can offer us the ability to heal from back pain as well as become a more powerful navigator in our lives. Through subtle but powerful practices we will tap into this potential to reignite the fire in our belly!

Igniting Your Inner Fire

The Ayurvedic concept of fire, or Agni, is critically important to our overall health and well being. Fire is transformational and while we are used to talking about stoking the fire of digestion to efficiently break down our food into nutritious bits and getting rid of what’s no longer needed this concept also relates to how we assimilate everything in our lives including emotions, memories, beliefs, and impressions. In this workshop we will start with a brief introduction to the concept of Agni and then share asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to stoke the transformational fire within. 

Anatomy of Stress

We have all experienced stress. Whether it is a feeling of being overworked at your job or the pressure cooker of a tumultuous relationship with a family member or partner... We know stress. Or do we? Stress actually has a physiological response in your body. When this stress response is turned on through chemical stimulation, we can turn into superheroes with super human strength and reflexes to fight or flee from a dangerous situation. The problem is that we learn to nudge and annoy this system even when there is no immediate threat to be found. This literally wears down the tissues of the body. Through lecture and practice, we’ll talk about the chemical response of stress and why it might not be a good idea to marinate in them. From there, we’ll learn how to turn off the stress response and turn on the relaxation response- where all of the body and minds housekeeping activities can be performed....ahhhhhh  

Breaking Free with Yoga Nidra

Have you noticed certain patterns in your relationships or life that seem to be stuck on repeat? Of course! You're human! One of the beautiful benefits of a yoga practice is that we strengthen the ability to be self-reflective and notice these grooves that form in our minds....but then what? How do we break free of the patterns that no longer serve us? 
In this workshop through a guided journalling exercise, gentle freeing movement and a personalized practice of Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) we will find the tools to liberate ourselves once and for all. You will also leave with an audio recording of the Yoga Nidra so you can continue the practice at home.

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Later Event: December 16
The Yoga Sanctuary Punta Gorda FL