Kristin Leal & Jen Campbell

Mar de Jade Resort, Chacala Mexico

Dates announced soon!



Join Jen Campbell and Kristin Leal for seven days of deep study and profound relaxation on the breathtaking Pacific coast of Mexico. Soak in the beauty of nature as we unwind the coverings of our True Self. Each day we will explore a different dimension of our individual selves (Koshas) utilizing the alchemical practices of Yoga. Our days will be filled with Satsang, asana,  breathwork, meditation, Yoga Nidra, chanting and journaling exercises.  We will also have plenty of free time for quiet contemplation, assimilation, relaxing in a hammock, lounging in the spa or exploration of the natural landscape of Mexico. Open to all levels of experience, Jen and Kristin will guide you through the process of unveiling the power, potential and promise of who we really are.

Undoubtedly, you will leave refreshed and renewed. Departing with a radiant glow, surrounded by a supportive and loving community, you will take new practices home to help you to carry the experience back into your daily life.



Sample daily schedule

6:30am Optional Coffee/Tea & Light Snacks

7-9am Morning energetic practice

9-10am Breakfast*

10-1pm, Free time

1-2pm, Lunch*

2-4:30, Free time

4:30-6:30 Evening soothing practice

6:30-7:30 Dinner*

This is our general daily framework. It may vary a bit on a couple of days to accommodate excursions for those who would like.

*Special Diets such as vegetarian, vegan, and food allergies can be catered to in Mar de Jade if advised ahead of time.


Investment to Join us:

Please pay in 2 parts:

1: A deposit of $700 to reserve your space!  

2: Select which room you would like to reserve and contact the Inn online Here, or call 1-800-257-0532 


Ocean Room * (*These prices reflect the cost of the room, board and deposit.)

Single- $2,900.00

Double- $2,150.00

Additional Person- $1450.00 


Garden Room * (*These prices reflect the cost of the room, board and deposit.)

Single- $2,600.00

Double- $2,050.00

Additional Person- $1450.00 


Guest Room * (*These prices reflect the cost of the room, board and deposit.)

Single- $2,350.00

Double- $1,850.00

Additional Person- $1450.00 


Women's Dorm* (*These prices reflect the cost of the room, board and deposit.)




Women’s Dorm: These are Guest Rooms with a Loft to be shared between 4 women. The women’s dorm is a guaranteed rate; Mar de Jade reserves the right to assign roommates from different retreats in order to fill it or to re-assign participants to a guest room single or double if it doesn't fill.

The Additional Person rate is added to the double rate for each extra adult in the room after two people (ie 3rd or 4th person).

The Group Rates are a weekly package and must be paid in full by each participant regardless of whether they arrive late or leave early. No refunds or pro-rating will be offered due to travel delays or under any other circumstances.



Includes: 7 nights accommodations, 3 fresh organic buffet-style meals per day, twice daily yoga practices, yoga mats and props, shuttle to and from airport**, taxes and Mar de Jade staff gratuities ($15 p/person/day).  

**specific times will be available for transport, tbd as the retreat gets closer.

Does NOT include: Bar drinks, spa treatments, excursions, airfare to Puerto Vallarta and gratuities for any of these extra services.


Cancellation Policy for Retreat:

If for some reason, you are unable to join us on retreat after you’ve signed up, this is our refund policy.  

For your deposit:

--if you cancel 60 days prior or more to the start of the retreat, $630 will be refunded to you (all but 10 percent of your deposit.)

--If you cancel between 59-15 days prior to the start of the retreat, $350 (or half of your deposit) will be refunded to you.

--If you cancel with 14 days or less notice, no refund will be given for your deposit.

Mar de Jade Cancellation Policy for Guests

1. Guests will have the option of using their full deposit, with no cancellation fees, towards another reservation at Mar de Jade within 18 months of the cancellation date. In order to receive the full credit, guests must cancel with more than two weeks notice. No monetary refund will be given once the option of keeping the credit has been chosen.

2. Guests will be entitled to a full refund less 10% of the total cost, with notice at least 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

3. With notice of cancellation 59 days or less from the scheduled arrival date, there will be a cancellation penalty of 25% for the total stay.

4. No refund with notice of cancellation less than two weeks prior to arrival.

5. Guests are responsible for all nights reserved at the rates reserved. There are no refunds or pro-rating for arriving later or leaving earlier than the reserved dates, including unforeseen circumstances such as delayed or cancelled flight, illness, injury, etc.

6. The cancellation policy applies to all participants, regardless of whether the retreat leader can find a replacement for that person. When there is a cancellation in a shared room, the rate for the remaining participant(s) in that room will be adjusted according to the new occupancy. In this case, they cancellation fee may be applied towards the change in rate. If the rate change is higher than the cancellation fee, the remaining participant must make up the difference.


A little bit about my friend Jen Campbell:

Jen has been teaching students and training teachers for over 20 years. In her classes, you will find a sweet blend of thoughtfully developed sequences, space to listen to the body’s wisdom, pranayama, and of course, some good stories and a bit of humor.

Since 1995, she has studied many yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Parayoga. She completed her initial yoga teacher training in 1998 at Evergreen Yoga in Bethesda, Maryland and her 200-hour training with Max Strom in 2010. With a background that includes a BA in Dance and comprehensive Pilates training at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, Jen has an intimate understanding of the human body.

Her decision to teach yoga full-time came from a major life change—the birth of her third child, Lucas. Jen was drawn to spiritual aspects of yoga that she felt were missing in her Pilates work. Teaching yoga has given her the opportunity to not only use all of her movement and teaching knowledge, but also to speak her truth about the deeper life questions that live inside our hearts. Jen has found a home on her mat. Her experience is that no matter the outward challenges and joys in life, the mat provides balance, a space to re-center and to listen inward. It is finding this balance between effort and ease, between the busy and the still, between breathing in and out that most inspires Jen to be both a student and teacher of yoga.

Jen continues to study with American Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Angela Farmer. She is also a student of her family—her husband Jeff, and children, Lucas, 8, Caelan, 18 and Taylor, 20. When she’s not practicing yoga, you can often find her outside hiking, or creating pottery.