In MetaAnatomy Volume Two- Body Poetry my intention is to reconnect. To make connections between the physical and energetic anatomy. To make connections between systems or schools of Yoga. To make connections between you and me as we share our embodied experience of being alive in these forms. Just like we can feel areas of great spaciousness or congestion in our lower backs we can experience that sensation in our own hearts. Just as we know ourselves to have standing patterns of tone and compensation, habits and patterns in our physical bodies, we experience the same, conceptually, in our mental and emotional forms. Some of our patterns support us, some are coping mechanisms, and some we find don't work for us anymore or even bring about suffering. Through exploration of our body maps and our own subtle forms we can bring about real, lasting, profound change to both our internal and external landscapes.Let's begin and dive inward using these poetic, subtle and experiential GPS maps to navigate the complexity and totality of who we are and who we can be. In Volume Two- Body Poetry we explore the maps and models of the Nadis, Chakras, Koshas and Vayus and take a closer look at the poetry of our breath, brain and heart. Each chapter also concludes with a meditation to help us reconnect to the embodied experience of our own physical and energetic anatomies.

There is a magical way that the infinite wisdom of yoga flows through Kristin as she inspires her students to form their path. This book is a brilliant exploration into the science of embodiment through the lens of the ancient teachings of yoga. The genius of Kristin is in her ability to demystify these powerful teachings in a way that is humorous, authentic, and accessible.

- Yogirajas Alan and Sarah Finger, Co-Founders of ISHTA Yoga

Kristin’s work is devoted to forging and engaging connections, and her latest book is a reflection of that commitment. Connecting our physical with our energetic anatomy, schools of Yoga, and heart to heart, this book is perfect for teachers, students and seekers wishing to celebrate the meaning and mystery of movement in practice. 

- Elena Brower, Author of Practice You and Art of Attention.

Wise and funny, this volume of Kristin Leal’s MetaAnatomy will keep you laughing your way through learning the Energetic Body Systems in Yoga. Learn the basics of the Koshas, the Chakras, the Nadis and how they relate to your physical body, connecting you to those you love and the world around you. On the way, you will glean esoteric facts to dazzle your friends like how the erectile tissue in your nose effects your nostril dominance or how your meninges is like “gift wrap” protecting your central nervous system and that the deepest layer is like “sexy silky underwear.” Have fun learning from this wonderful book!

- Amy Weintraub, Founder of LifeForce Yoga, Author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists.

Kristin Leal is a masterful writer and, I am proud to say, one of my dearest students. In MetaAnatomy Volume 2 she seamlessly weaves her considerable knowledge of science, philosophy, cutting-edge research and timeless wisdom. Thanks to her insights and joy for sharing the intricacies of subtle anatomy, modern readers can now wade into this world in the most accessible, humorous and insightful way imaginable. Teachers and students will gain so much from the content that she has so lovingly prepared for us––a brilliant resource for understanding and practicing the concepts of subtle yogic anatomy.  I can not recommend it strongly enough to all serious devotees of yoga. 

-Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Founder of Parayoga, Author of The Four Desires


Meta, like in the words metaphysical or metacarpals, means beyond, and MetaAnatomy is the attempt to go beyond our often limited concepts of our own bodies. In Anatomy of a Yogi Volume One we introduce you to... You! With chapter titles like "I've got your back, Jack" on the glorious spine and "Oh the nerve" on the magnificent nervous system we try to disseminate what can be dense information into fun accessible bite size pieces (so to speak!). Wrapped inside the teachings of yoga philosophy this makes an excellent companion to yoga teacher training programs or for those yoga students interested in learning about their own amazing body. This book covers all the major muscles, bones and joints along with the anatomy of breath and the nervous system forming a comprehensive and lighthearted study for yoga students, yoga teachers or anyone with a body.

Kristin’s MetaAnatomy invites us into a smart and sassy conversation that reminds us of the wonder of the human form with reverence. She is making the study of anatomy super accessible for teachers and future teachers of yoga.”

— Elena Brower, founder of VIRAYOGA NYC and author of Art of Attention

“You don’t have to be a yoga-teacher-anatomy-geek to laugh your way through MetaAnatomy, even as you learn the body systems’ basics in this well-written and well-illustrated new book. In addition to the humor, Leal includes quotes from Patanjali, the Upanishads, Western dancers, pop singers, along with literary lights from Herman Melville to Mary Oliver.
If you’re like me and think you have no head for science, you will be teased into a deeper understanding of bones, joints, spine, nervous system and even your own yoga practice.”

— Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression

“Wow! This is a brilliant book: clear concise and, believe it or not, lighthearted and spiritual. Kristin literally brings the science of anatomy to life and gives us all what we need to both understand and celebrate the knowledge of the physical form. Yoga practitioners and non-practitioners alike, who in the past may have felt overwhelmed or less than inspired by the subject, now have a luscious resource to see that the beauty of the human is in the details. I will strongly recommend this book to all my students for years to come.”

— Rod Stryker, author of The Four Desires

“Kristin Leal is a gifted teacher with an inspiring passion for anatomy. She breaks the body down in bite size pieces to help even the not-so-anatomy-loving understand and embrace muscles, bones, joints and beyond. I highly recommend this book (and her classes) for teachers and students of yoga.”

— Kimberly Wilson, author and activist

“ Kristin Leal has the remarkable talent of making anatomy come alive! In this book Kristin brings you into the body like going on a road trip, enjoying all the scenery of your body and how it functions. With brilliance, humor, and expert knowledge, Kristin reveals to us what we are made of and how we work. Reading this book will help you understand your Self and how you function!”

— Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA and author of Chakra Yoga