MetaAnatomy 100- Hour Training


You are so much more than the sum of your parts!

Anatomy & Physiology, Therapeutics, Comparative Anatomy and Energy of a Yogi

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Are you a fellow anatomy geek who wants to talk about the glorious gracilis in all of its beautiful details? Are you wondering if you (or your students) have the skeleton that will ever allow full lotus pose? Does the digestive system send you into an excited tizzy? Do you want to learn how to create an anatomically meaningful and safe class while inspiring people to connect to their own energetic bodies?

Then this is the investment you have been looking for!

Each day in the MetaAnatomy 100 hour training we will immerse ourselves in a gross (meaning large, not yucky) anatomical lecture. Using real bone specimens and hands on "body testing" we will impart concrete ways to help assess the differences in our own (and our students) skeletal anatomy. We will look at common injuries and ways to work with all students in a meaningful and safe way. And what makes this training so unique is that each day will also include the poetic energetic correlation to each structure and a full and fulfilling asana and meditation class that weaves it all together.

Join me for what I promise will be a deep, informative and fun exploration of all things MetaAnatomy!


The Essentials

  • Knees - Knee'd to know 

  • Sacrum - The Sacred Spot

  • Low Back - I've got your back, Jack 

  • Shoulder - Don't shoulder the burden

  • Reading the Energy Body - May the force be with you


The Core

  • Psoas - Psoas I was saying..

  • Abdomen- Let's get to the core of the issue

  • Hips - Hip hip hooray

  • Breath and Diaphragms - Your inner jellyfish 

  • Digestive system - It's alimentary my dear


The Connectors

  • Feet and Ankles - One small step for man

  • Fascia - Your interweb

  • Upper Spine and Neck - I've got your back, Jack

  • Elbow, Wrist and Hand - Put your hands in the air

  • Nervous system - Oh, the nerve! 


Required Reading: MetaAnatomy Anatomy of a Yogi, Volume One


Additional Info:

CEU MetaAnatomy 100-Hour Certificate given upon full completion of all three modules, homework and excellence shown in final project.



"MetaAnatomy is an accessible, thoughtful and practical approach to understanding the human body and the human experience. Kristin's friendly demeanor, sense of humor, and wealth of knowledge make the training both fun and rewarding." - April
"One of a kind training that beautifully integrates anatomy, therapeutic aspects of yoga, and ancient traditions. Delivered in an entertaining, fun, and interactive way, the knowledge I received has been transformative for my teaching and my personal practice. Kristin is one of the most talented teachers I have ever had, capable of turning the subject I was indifferent to into the fascinating field that I want to explore more now. Highly recommend this training to all yoga teachers, whatever style one teaches or traditions you come from. Thank you!!" - Nodira
"MetaAnatomy with Kristin is a wonderful and awe inspiring program. The information was crystal clear, digestible, immediately applicable and delivered with grace, honesty and humor. This program should be a prerequisite for every 200-Hour certification!! I'm a much better, smarter and more conscious teacher because of this material and I hope there is a follow up module!!" - Ric
"Beware. This course has life changing consequences. You will be more inspired and empowered by the beauty of the human body than ever before. Kristin is a master teacher, able to hold space for deep exploration and meaningful encounters with body and spirit. This course opened a new chapter in my personal and teaching practice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart muscle." - Katie
"The MetaAnatomy program was honestly life changing for me. I learned so much and it brought positive changes to my life, my practice and my teaching. I gained so much from this training but most importantly to me was my confidence." - Michele
"Kristin's MetaAnatomy training is essential for any yoga teacher. She provides the necessary tools to understand the connections and interconnections of the body and to teach logically and safely to those with injuries and/or pain. These teachings are equally effective with any level of practitioner. Bravo to Kristin!" - Evelyn
"I would definitely recommend this program to others. Kristin's passion and love for anatomy is contagious and she makes the subject matter so accessible and truly enjoyable." - Jeanne
"I would highly recommend this program for both students and teachers. Kristin's style of teaching, the instruction of material and class discussion has changed my practice and the way I teach. I feel more connected and rooted in my awareness of self and others. Kristin is a joy to learn from, my heart is full of gratitude to have met her and to have taken this course." - Bridget
"This course was everything and more than what I expected it would be. Kristin Leal is keeping it real! Her years of teaching expertise and practice continues to morph into the 'thousand petal lotus' that is!" - Amy
"Kristin is a rare soul who is able to break down science in a way that is not only easy to understand but highly entertaining, all the while keeping the Yoga alive. I laughed as much as I learned, and learned more than I could have ever imagined. Her natural ease in converging the information presented proves her mastery and wisdom. My personal practice has been as deeply influenced as my teaching. This woman is a Glorious Goddess of Goofiness!" - Sheilagh
"This course is a great supplement to any style of yoga practice to help with structural alignment and western anatomy. Kristin is a wealth of knowledge of the western and eastern studies and has such a great comical way of sharing these truths. One really feels her passion for Yoga and anatomy! Such a wonderful course!"
"A beautiful and natural blending of yoga and anatomy!"
"Kristin Leal's unique voice masterfully marries the amazing, physical inner working of the human with our own experience of the landscape. MetaAnatomy profoundly points out that we have no divisions, no boundaries, no limits except the ones we impose upon ourselves and others. Our bodies are truly temples, places of sanctuary and comfort." - Andréa